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FAQs for Researchers

FAQs for Researchers

Q. What is the female:male ratio of your cohort?

The UK ME/CFS Biobank cohort has a female:male ratio of 3:1.

Q. What is the biohazard/handling classification for samples?

UK ME/CFS Biobank blood samples have been classified as Category B UN3373 and all bloods are processed according to Biological Safety Level 2.

Q. Is an agent used to enhance cryopreservation?

Cryopreservative is used for our PBMCs to ensure the cells do not lyse and die; plasma samples have nothing added prior to freezing.

Q. Have participants provided permission to provide further samples in the future?

Yes, all participants have provided permission, on signing the consent form to participate in this Biobank project, to be contacted for follow-up in the future where we can collect further blood samples for the UK ME/CFS Biobank.

Q. What is the identifiable infectious screening process?

Currently no samples undergo an infectious screening process.  From the samples taken from each participant we run lab tests for: full blood count, blood chemistry & creatinine, liver function, thyroid function, CRP, ESR, rheumatoid factor, tissue transglutaminase antibodies, serum vitamin B12 and folate.  The rest of the blood collected has been processed and stored in the UK ME/CFS Biobank repository based at the UCL/RFH BioBank.