Leading research into ME/CFS

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Application Process

Academic, non-commercial, and commercial researchers will be eligible to apply to use samples and/or data from the UK ME/CFS Biobank if they present a sound scientific rationale for the proposed study and have a good research track record. Eligible researchers must be supported by their institution.

All research proposals intending to use samples from the UK ME/CFS Biobank must be developed in line with the Biobank’s mission. Proposals intending to develop the following types of studies will be prioritised:

o testing or generating new hypotheses on the mechanisms (pathophysiology) of ME/CFS,

o improving diagnosis (biomarkers) and phenotyping, and/or,

o basic science, e.g. pharmacological in vitro studies potentially leading to clinical trials on therapeutic approaches.


To start the process, please have a look at the UK ME/CFS Biobank Application Form (Outline), which must be approved by the UK ME/CFS Biobank Guardian Board before the full UK ME/CFS Biobank Application is submitted.

Word documents are also available: Outline Application Form (Word) and Full Application Form (Word).  Please feel free to make contact with the biobank through the Contact Us page to discuss the application process and/or your proposal.

The UK ME/CFS Biobank’s services are provided on a cost-recovery basis, with pricing information is available on request.