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UK ME/CFS Biobank samples received in Valencia, Spain

The UK ME/CFS Biobank received an update yesterday from research colleagues at the Catholic University of Valencia in Spain. Professor Elisa Oltra told us, “My research team is delighted to have safely received the requested collection of blood fractions kindly donated by ME/CFS patients and healthy participants who took part in the UK ME/CFS Biobank project. Our study aims to detect alterations in small nucleic acid (microRNA) content in order to understand blood cell dysfunctions associated with ME/CFS.”


A total of 90 aliquots (tiny tubes) of frozen blood, which had been processed and stored at the UCL/RFH BioBank in London, were delivered to Valencia this week. Half of the samples had been donated by people severely affected by ME/CFS, who were able to take part because the CureME team was able to visit them at home; the other half were generously donated by people who were healthy but wanted to contribute to the research.



June 2017