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The UK's first ME/CFS Biobank - now open to external researchers across the globe!

UK ME/CFS Biobank

Driving clinical & biomedical research for recognition, diagnosis and treatment of ME/CFS.

The UK ME/CFS Biobank is run by CureME and is overseen by a Steering Committee, chaired by Dr Charles Shepherd ME Association, comprising: patient/carer representatives, academics and charity stakeholders.

About the biobank

How big a problem is ME/CFS in the UK?

1 in 500

People suffering from ME/CFS

4 : 1

ME/CFS female to male ratio


More people suffer from ME/CFS than MS

ME/CFS is a long-term disabling medical condition usually presenting with severe and overwhelming fatigue after mental or physical activity. This is accompanied by a range of disabling symptoms such as cognitive impairment, sleep problems, pain and autonomic dysfunction, which follow abnormalities in the nervous and immunological systems. In the UK, ME/CFS affects at least one in every 500 people, with a much larger number of people having other forms of chronic fatigue (non-ME chronic fatigue).