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2017 Christmas Appeal success!

The UK ME/CFS Biobank entered 2018 with a bang! We are delighted to announce that the Christmas Appeal grand total is a whopping £17,910 (with the possibility of a slight increase).
These donations will allow us to release more Biobank samples in 2018 and continue our longitudinal study.

A major shout out must go to the superstar swimmer that is Janet Baker. Janet turned 80 this month and to celebrate she dived into the deep end and did a sponsored swim – 100 LENGTHS – That’s two and a half kilometres! £2,350 of our total came from her generous supporters!

The generosity and support that we have received has been overwhelming and we cannot express our gratitude enough to all who have donated and expressed interest.

We started 2018 with a bang and that is how we wish to continue. We have been motivated and inspired by so many amazing people through the Christmas Appeal and continue to work hard to bring more knowledge, understanding and much needed support to this wretched disease.