Leading research into ME/CFS

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With the help of our many generous donors, the UKMEB now has over 600 people participating in the Biobank project – people with ME/CFS, Multiple Sclerosis and healthy controls. We have over 30,000 aliquots (samples) stored at the University College London/Royal Free Hospital BioBank, a state of the art facility, ready to be used for biomedical research.

In 2017, our multi-year study into the biomarkers of ME/CFS was renewed by the US National Institutes of Health for a further four years. This grant has enabled more recruitment to the Biobank, both for use at LSHTM and to provide samples for research at other institutions.

There are lots of reasons why we can not accept everyone – e.g. some medications, diagnostic criteria, distance from the Biobank – or simply that our studies might be fully-populated at any given moment. But anyone can register their interest by contacting us.

Since opening, we have distributed samples to researchers in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and America. We are grateful for the generosity of everyone who has donated.