Leading research into ME/CFS

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The CureME research group is based at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine’s International Centre for Evidence in Disability within the Department of Clinical Research in the Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases.  CureME is at the forefront of participative epidemiological, qualitative and laboratory research on ME/CFS. Our research has focused on improving recognition, diagnosis and treatment of ME/CFS, leading to the opening of the UK’s first ME/CFS Biobank – now open to external researchers across the globe.

Our mission is to conduct high quality, ethical investigations into ME/CFS and to create an open biobank resource enabling translational research for the clinical and biomedical understanding of the illness, fostering cooperation and collaboration between researchers and thereby enhancing the opportunity for breakthrough discoveries.

Co-Principal Investigator (Clinical)

Dr Luis Nacul

Biobank Lead & Clinical Lecturer

Dr Eliana Lacerda

Research Nurse / Biobank Coordinator

Caroline Kingdon

Research Fellow

Kathleen Mudie

Project Manager (Communications, Financial & Administrative)

Jack Butterworth

Assistant Project Administrator

Jasmin Norris

Co-Principal Investigator (Laboratory)

Professor Hazel Dockrell

Laboratory Research Lead

Dr Jacqueline Cliff

Research Fellow

Dr JiSook Lee


Professor Taane Clark