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‘Long COVID – we’ve been here before’

We strongly endorse a new article published by the BMA that draws attention to people with long COVID who are experiencing issues with disbelief and stigma similar to those that people with ME/CFS have endured over decades: https://www.bma.org.uk/news-and-opinion/long-covid-we-ve-been-here-before

Nina Muirhead is a respected surgeon with ME/CFS with whom we have collaborated closely, and Charles Shepherd, of course, chairs the UK ME/CFS Biobank Steering Committee. The article suggests that interest in long COVID may accelerate research into ME/CFS: “This almost flurry of research into long COVID contrasts with the experience of many with ME/CFS, who often have felt ignored or misunderstood by the medical profession. But for some, the interest in long COVID is an opportunity to learn more about the longer-term consequences of viral infections – which could, in time, also benefit people with ME/CFS.”