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Research Round-up: our work over the last year

As ME Awareness Week draws to a close, we’d like to round up some of our research work over the past year. Our published research is found in a number of different journals, but you can always find all of our peer-reviewed publications on our website.

Our team has diverse expertise in clinical research, epidemiology, biobanking and laboratory science, but a key focus of our work has always been ME/CFS in clinical practice. Our Director Dr Luis Nacul’s editorial on clinical practice in ME/CFS (1) was published in October 2019, and Luis and Caroline continue to contribute to the NICE review of national guidelines for ME/CFS, Clinical practice around Europe was also reviewed by members of the EUROMENE network (2).

Other clinical analyses include of risk factors in ME/CFS pathogenesis (3), and of levels of serum creatine kinase in the blood of people with ME, which could provide a potential marker of severe ME/CFS (4). Further clinical analysis on the pathophysiology of ME/CFS is available in preprint (5).

Analysis of blood serum (6) was also conducted with Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly FRS, looking specifically at circulating GDF15, which appeared higher in participants with severe ME/CFS.

Laboratory science at LSHTM

Prof O’Rahilly has been one user of the UK ME/CFS Biobank, and we continue to publish in collaboration with other Biobank users, including Dr Camila Romano, whose work focuses on endogenous retroviruses (7).

Laboratory studies also continued at LSHTM, with many of the significant findings of our first NIH grant (2013-2017) included in Dr Jackie Cliff’s paper on cellular immune function (8). T Cell function was also discussed in Dr Nuno Sepúlveda’s paper, which offered a new model for the possible function of ME/CFS within the body (9). A lay summary and interview is available courtesy of Cort Johnson and Simmaron Research. Laboratory studies in development include on transcriptomics, and on metabolomics with Dr Jo Cambridge, as kindly funded by the ME Association.

We continue to await the outcome of our application to the Medical Research Council and National Institute for Health Research, led by Prof Chris Ponting. This proposes a Genome-Wide Association Study for ME/CFS, and our review of quality control checks in genome-wide and targeted-genome association studies is awaiting publication (10).

A key feature of the partnership application has been the central involvement of patients, including from our Steering Group, and participatory work continues to be at the heart of our work. Our qualitative focus group study from early 2019 (11) was one of the top downloaded papers in Wiley Online.

[PS: While not related to ME/CFS, we were thrilled that our Research Assistant Shennae O’Boyle’s paper on malaria, from her Master’s work, was published with some notable co-authors, including Chief Medical Officer Prof Chris Whitty! (12)]

You can always find out more about our current work from our Facebook and Twitter pages. Despite the challenges of the moment, we hope that 2020 will be as successful as 2019. If you’d like to support our research, you can donate via our website.


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