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Welcome back Jack!

The CureME team is delighted to confirm the re-appointment of Jack Butterworth as our Project Manager until the end of the current NIH-funded award.  Jack brings additional energy and drive to the team, and challenges our ambition for ME/CFS research.

Jack has been working for us since last June, but joins us permanently this week after a period of internal secondment as the Project Manager of LSHTM’s HIV STAR Project. In his 14 months at the London School, Jack has also worked for Faculty central administration, as well as Professor Rosanna Peeling’s International Diagnostics Centre.

Prior to specialising in project management for grant-funded research, he was a Project Manager at Cambridge University. His first degree is in music, and outside of work he plays the pipe organ and directs an acclaimed chamber choir.

Jack writes:

“It is a huge delight to be committing my future to CureME in the long term. I have worked in four different groups at the London School, but have never before encountered a research team with such ambition, unity of vision, and relationship with and commitment to their study participants. I couldn’t be more excited to be back for the long term.”





March 2018